Your tech use impacts the planet. Here’s how to reduce it

It's news to noone that we're on the brink of climate catastrophe. COP27 was moreorless the letdown it was predicted to be. Former Irish President Mary Robinson even feared that many world leaders there were close to giving up on the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C this century. What's tech got … Continue reading Your tech use impacts the planet. Here’s how to reduce it

Big tech is harming the environment; how to stop it

You know how companies tend to say one thing and do the other? When it comes to the environment, this is known as greenwashing; essentially, pretending to be green for good press, then doing the opposite. Like Amazon's leader Jeff Bezos saying initiatives like its wind farms (above) would enable the company to be carbon … Continue reading Big tech is harming the environment; how to stop it

Why Time’s up for irresponsible tech

If there's one thing that SXSW, the massive gathering that takes over Austin, Texas every March remains today, it's a tech trends barometer. Twitter, Foursquare and Periscope were all launched there, after all. This year, however, as this excellent post from France Télévisions' Kati Bremme (in French) was first to confirm to me, the big … Continue reading Why Time’s up for irresponsible tech

Techfugees, when technology saves lives

Few initiatives better prove technology's potential for good than TechFugees. Founded in 2015 by TechCrunch's Mike Butcher and led today by entrepreneuse Josephine Goube, the non-profit, which encourages startups to devise solutions to help refugees, organised its second Global Summit at Paris' Station F late October. The event's "Global Challenges" competition saw tech companies, as well … Continue reading Techfugees, when technology saves lives

EthicalOS: Teaching tech responsibility

Can tech companies be encouraged to think about social before financial profit? Such is the mission of EthicalOS, which uses highly plausible, Black Mirror-style scenarios of where we could be in the near future if startups and big tech don't think responsibly. Here's why it matters. Why is technological responsibility such a big deal right … Continue reading EthicalOS: Teaching tech responsibility